YOUR MIND IS AN IMMENSELY POWERFUL PART OF YOU, and results with Hypnotherapy can be amazing.

But it is important that you come into therapy with the right attitude.

Please forget all about Stage Hypnotists!

We are certainly NOT in the business of making people do silly things in short bursts with some sort of voodoo.

This is THERAPY - utilizing the power of Hypnosis to help people to overcome their smoking habit.

FOR YOUR PART: You need to have commitment and determination. In other words, you need to want to be a non smoker, because it is your mind we are dealing with, and obviously you can’t be effectively helped to stop smoking if you are half hearted, or if you are NOT prepared to make any effort to help yourself.

However, with Hypnotherapist and client working together, in a spirit of co-operation, the power of your subconscious mind can be unlocked to bring about WONDERFULLY BENEFICIAL CHANGES within you.

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