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Most sensible people now realize what a lethal habit smoking is, and want to give it up. Hypnotherapy is quoted by the New Scientist magazine as the MOST successful anti-smoking aid, with a higher success rate than acupuncture, a nicotine substitute, or other methods. This scientific journal’s report is based on a meta-analysis combining the results of 600 studies in various countries, involving almost 72,000 smokers.


Hypnotherapy can help you to harness and strengthen your own willpower and determination to stop smoking for good.

Here at The Lodge Hypnotherapy Centre, we were privileged to be the only Hypnotherapists to be used by Thurrock Council when all their offices became non smoking areas.

Thurrock Council's occupational nurse confirmed that our success rate was 80% - 90%

"Many, many thanks – it works! Amazingly, after the session I hate the smell, I flinch when I smell it in the high street. I feel a lot healthier, happier and smell better. My sincere thank you." Babu

Honestly, making the decision to stop smoking is the greatest gift you can give to yourself – and also the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones.

Quitting smoking with Hypnotherapy can considerably extend your lifespan, improve your health, and make you look better.
As you must know, these days smoking is viewed by most people as a very anti-social activity and over years the habit can rob you of an immense amount of money.

Visualise yourself in the future if you had continued to remain a smoker….. Imagine:
Your hair, clothes and breath smelling of stale tobacco smoke which offends those who come near you.
Your skin is prematurely aged with deep lines around the mouth from years of sucking on cigarettes.
You wheeze and gasp as you climb stairs or exert yourself. Energy and vitality have been sapped away by tobacco abuse which has gone on for far too long. Your confidence is undermined by your dependence on cigarettes, characterised by that constant nagging need to keep on and on smoking them at regular intervals.

Now take a look at yourself in the future as a non-smoker:
Well basically, you as a non-smoker are likely to be the complete opposite of all that which is listed above.
When you stop smoking you will smell better. When you stop smoking you will become healthier on the inside, which in turn, will show on the outside with a younger and healthier appearance; your skin and hair no longer damaged and dulled by smoking.
In the future as a non-smoker, your lungs and your general health will be better, and you are likely to live much longer.
As a non-smoker you can feel good about yourself and your ability to take back control over your own actions and your own life – and when you quit smoking, over time, you will be saving yourself thousands and thousands of pounds which previously would have just gone up in smoke.

A smoker’s belief system:
A smoker constantly has smoking on their mind as they reach for another and then another cigarette. They may say that they like to smoke and they get cravings to smoke. They may fear withdrawal symptoms if they stop smoking. They probably associate with other smokers and may worry about not being able to smoke. They may feel guilty or embarrassed about smoking, but fear losing their ‘crutch' in life.

A non-smoker’s belief system is totally different:
A non-smoker doesn’t even think about smoking. They don’t ever have to worry about smoking, or about getting cravings or withdrawal symptoms. They don’t need it or miss it. In fact they couldn’t care less about smoking – it means nothing to them.

If you have decided once and for all that you want to stop and you are ready to stop smoking, with the help of Hypnotherapy just over an hour is all it can take to change your belief system from that of a smoker to that of a non-smoker.

How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

If you smoke just 20 cigarettes a day at £9 a packet – you will waste…
£63 per week. £273.75 per month. £3,285 per year.
£16,425 in 5 years. £32,850 in 10 years. £65,700 in 20 years.

Is this really what you want to spend your money on? Just imagine what else you could do with that money. Maybe you'd like to travel, or renovate your property, have a better lifestyle, buy that new (whatever)........ You could even put down a good deposit on a house?

How many times have YOU tried to quit cigarettes?
Perhaps you have already tried the patches, gum, tablets, quit line, and found they haven't worked for you. This may have been because many stop smoking treatments deal only with the physical cravings, but don't really deal with the habit.

Maybe you have tried to give up smoking with pure will power, but really struggled only to throw the towel in after a few hours or days. This is because using only the conscious part of your mind to break the habit just does not work for many people.

You've probably heard or read that you get 'addicted' to smoking, so it is very hard to quit smoking, and you get terrible cravings, put on weight, etc., when you try to stop. I'm sure you've heard all the horror stories. Yet it is well known that once you stop smoking the nicotine is out of your system in about 48 hours, so why does it seem so difficult to quit smoking?
The reason is that the psychological habit remains. Habits and automatic behaviour patterns come from your deeper subconscious mind. Your conscious mind wants to quit smoking, but your subconscious doesn't want to let go.

Some clients, who have come to stop smoking, have described this by saying it's like having two 'people' in their head, pulling in different directions. One wants to stop smoking but the other one doesn't. Does that sound familiar? If you could just get both pulling in the stop smoking direction, that would make quitting a lot easier, wouldn't it?

In the past you might have thought smoking had benefits for you. Maybe it helped you feel part of a peer group. Maybe it gave you something to do with your hands when you were upset or nervous, or at a social occasion. Some say "it's like a comforting friend."

Whatever the reasons were for you to smoke, Hypnosis can make it easier for you to quit.
For you to achieve a permanent change in your behaviour pattern, something must first change in your subconscious mind, and that is where Hypnosis is so beneficial, because it can open up the subconscious part of your mind.

When you are in the very pleasant relaxed state called Conscious Hypnosis (also known as the Alpha level) we can help you by getting both those opposing 'people in your mind' working together and pulling in the same direction.

Hypnotherapy can also help with other issues around your smoking habit. Some people are afraid of cravings or putting on weight. For others it goes back to being a teenager, when they wanted to be like their friends. They didn't want to be the odd one out. Hypnotherapy can help resolve many of these issues.
That's what makes Hypnotherapy the most effective and easiest method to quit smoking.

We have from experience over the last 20 years, developed a programme suitable for many different people. Our Stop Smoking therapy is by far the most effective method for most people to quit the habit.
Most people stop smoking quite easily in one session.

Negative self-talk
Constantly telling yourself “I can’t stop smoking!” or “It’s so hard to stop smoking” will not help you to succeed. Maybe these things are what you currently believe, but repeating these ideas over and over, even mentally, only reinforces negative beliefs. In fact, you could very well sabotage achieving your goal, just with your own negative self talk!

It is important that you maintain a positive outlook about achieving your goal, and once again, this is where Hypnotherapy can really help you.

You need to come to your Hypnotherapy session prepared to stop smoking immediately.

As you may have found out, gradually cutting down does not usually lead to success because whenever you have even one cigarette you are reinforcing the habit (in the neural pathways of your brain) which makes it even harder to stop.
Make sure you do not have any spare cigarettes tucked away somewhere 'just in case.' If you do, then you need to re-consider your commitment to stop.

We will pinpoint your smoking triggers and then use this information to personalise the session for you. This is why we only work with one person, couples, or close friends (a maximum of two people).

The hypnotherapy session is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It will be very relevant to you and will focus on your personal desire to stop smoking, and the benefits for you of being a non smoker. Your main smoking triggers and why you no longer need them are also addressed. Positive and appropriate suggestions which are relevant to you are given whilst you are in hypnosis. These are much more likely to be accepted by your sub-conscious mind.

FREE Back-Up CD or MP3 download. You will receive a free back-up support CD or MP3 download. This is a mini hypnosis session, so do not listen to it when driving a motor vehicle. Please listen to this EVERY DAY for about two weeks, and more if you need to.

If you really want to Stop Smoking        Tel 01375 396900 to book your appointment

"Hello. I thought I would write and let you know how I am doing. It has been a year on the 28th of this month that I gave up the ciggies!!! Thanks to you." Karen

"First non smoking Christmas for 35 years. Grandchildren are so pleased. Thank you"-Joan

"5 years on and still not smoking + £12,000 in the bank, not wasted on cigarettes."-David

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